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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I like making things with my hands. I have a thing for drawing people. I'm not very good at talking about myself. If you want to know me better try talking to me, I might reply, just kidding, I'd probably reply.

You can find me on:
Queeky -…
SketchPort -…
Took from Jewel-Firefly 

The rules: 
- Choose an OC to answer the following questions. . . . 

My OC: Jake Adams 
My name is Jake by DontSpeakSilent
Time of interview: I'm not sure...

Background: (I'll just give a quick run down of how I created Jake.) Jake is like a spy(not by his own choosing.). I think I partly took the idea from The Alex Rider book series. I originally pictured him as a young Josh Hutcherson(From Journey to the Center of the Earth.) I've had Jake in my head for so long now, he's just grown into my most developed character, and there are so many unanswered questions.


What's your name?
-Jacob Kyle Adams

How old are you?

-22. (But depending on what scene I place him in he could be around 15, to 22… maybe even a little older…) 

Where and when were you born?
-I was born in The United States, January 23rd. (I've yet to pin point where, or a definite year(It would most likely be around the year I was born, so likely in the 1990s). He at the moment doesn't have a home town.)


Who are your parents?
-My father is Kyle Adams. (I'm not sure on a name for Jake's Mother.)

What are they doing for a living?

-My father was forced into being a spy, when he was 17 years-old, I think. I don't know too much, it's still kinda new info… He was still older, then me, when he was pulled in. The man that pulled dad, and me, in is named Kent. I don't know how Kent keeps his 'Agency' up and running, it's not funded by the Government… Maybe, he has a sponsor… or something… Kent is a terrible man, he might care for people as a whole, but the men that's under him, he doesn't care for at all. My dad was a good person, he saved many lives, but the whole spy thing wasn't good, it broke my family. 
My mother, I think she was just a stay at home mom… I could be wrong...
My parents both died, when I was 5. It was because of some mission Kent sent dad on. I haven't found all the answers and I probably won't.

Do you have any siblings?


Who took you in their arms for the first time?
-Like just a hug? a Mother holding her child? Wait… do you mean romantically?

Is this person the one you love the most in your life?

-What? I'm still stuck on the last one...


What are you afraid of?

-My past, my future, the present… My friends being in danger from people I've been put into contact with, who want me dead.

Who are you afraid of?


When you're alone, what do you think of?
-Mom and dad before you know… Martha… Taylor.

Your worst memory?
-Finding out my parents were dead, and having no explanation about it, except for a couple of stories, that never lined up.

Does it still haunt you?


Softer things

Who comforts you when you feel bad?
-Martha, she's a librarian, that took me under her wing; I've adopted her as a grandmother. Also, Taylor. Taylor Nicholas. She's the only one that can really pull me back together, when I'm far past the breaking point. When I've shut everyone and everything out, she's the only one that manages to break through my boundaries.


-I don't know… I honestly don't know why they continue to put up with me.

Is this person the one you love the most?
-Taylor is. Yes.

What do you do to spend time together?

-Honestly, there hasn't been to much free time, where Taylor isn't trying to piece me back together.

Who are your best friends?
-I'll get back to you when I've found some...

What is your best memory?

-A day at the beach with my parents, just before they died. 

About your future

What is your biggest dream, or your goal in life?
-My goal in life? To stay alive, if I can. Otherwise to die, then I should easily complete that goal… without even trying… 

Do you want to get married one day?
-Haven't thought about it.

Do you want to have kids?
Not if they follow in my foot steps as I have my father's.

Do you project yourself into the future?
-No… I try to focus on now… not later.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I tag anyone who wants to do this. 
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Hunter Hayes - Storyline
  • Reading: Lord of the Rings
  • Watching: Watching 2nd Doctor Who

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